Andy Kaiser

Andy Kaiser

I was born on December 18, 1969, in Saarbrücken, Germany. I attended school in Bonn and in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. In the early eighties, I completed my first animation project using Super 8 film and video equipment. I gained an insight into the processes involved in a professional production during various apprenticeships at WDR in Cologne, and at television and film production companies. After a one-year contract of employment at a private television company (1992), I filmed a feature-length film, entitled "LYRA" in 1993/94, in which I used a number of animation techniques.

In October 1994, I was admitted to the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and made three animated films. In 1997, I worked as a cameraman on Heinrich Sabl´s version of "King Ubu", based on Alfred Jarry´s "Mere Ubu." Since 1999, I have again been collaborating with Sabl as a cameraman, this time on a feature film entitled "Memory Hill." In March 2000, I completed my degree as a director of animated films by making the stop-motion/puppet animation film "Harara ­ Fieber" (Harara Fever). After "Memory Hotel," I worked in the Babelsberg studios as an animator on the feature film "Detective Lovelorn," one of four B-movies produced by Babelsberg studios as part of the "Planet-B" project. Immediately afterwards, I began work at the Film Bilder studio on the "Celebrity Deathmatch" series for MTV as director and animator.

Selection of films


1989 / 7 min / color / S-8mm / claymation and live action


1993-94 / 40 min / color / 16mm / live action and animation


1995 / 4 min / BW /16mm / puppet animation


1996 / 7 min / color / S-VHS / live action and computer animation


1997-98 / 6 min / color / 16mm / claymation and live action

as cinematographer: "MERE UBU" - by Heinrich Sabl

1998 / 15 min / color / 35 mm / puppet animation


1997 / 9 min / color / 16 mm / live action and optical effects


1999-2000 / 9 min / color / 35mm / puppet and computer animation


2001 / 11 episodes a 1:30 min / Digibeta / puppet animation