Louis Zoller

Louis Zoller

Zoller studied Animation at the Academy for Film & Television in Potsdam Babelsberg, Germany. Zoller lives in Berlin. He designs, directs, produces and writes for Animation and Documentary film.

His films are to be seen at film festivals all over the world and have won many awards.

At the moment Zoller is amidst the research for a feature documentary.

Zollers work is discussed in 'The Queer German Cinema', Stanford University Press 2000. A book by Alice Kuzniar.


2004 'DIE STRAFE GOTTES'('Great is the Mystery of Godliness') Animation, 35mm, 11:30 Min

1998 'TRAILER' Music video for LFF Berlin, 0:30 Min.

1997 'LATE AT NIGHT' Animation, 35 mm, 4:20 Min.

1993 'MAMA FREUT SICH AUCH' short film, 16mm, 10 Min.

1992 'ME & MS JONES' music clip, S8 & Video, 5 Min.

1991 'ZARTES REH'('DELICATE DEER') Animation, 16 mm, 1 Min.


Independent Comic and Tattoo Artwork, Illustrations, Graphic Design. Concepts for TV Series, Script writing and - editing, Script doctor work, several projects as a Creative Director, Director, Assistant Director and Line Producer. Zoller worked for i.e. Greenlight Media, Berlin, Asset Media International AG, München, Papa Löwe, München, Scripthouse, Berlin, Trickcompany, Hamburg, Hahn Film, Berlin/Köln, Kreativbüro, Bremen, 'Absolut Panushka', USA, Femzine BLAU, Berlin, Ted Sieger & Alexandra Schatz, Switzerland/Germany.