Tobias Pfeiffer

Tobias Pfeiffer

1975: Born in Wiesbaden

1998-2003: Studies at Stuttgart Media University (HdM)

Diploma in business administration and engineering, university department media

1999: internship at Studio FILM BILDER

since 2000: Technical Director at FILM BILDER

selection of projects:

2000 Gigi D'Agostino - BlaBlaBla & The Riddle (Postproduction)

2001 Lou Bega - Just a Gigolo (Postproduction)

since 2002 TOM and the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey (Technical Director)

2003 Great is the mystery of Godliness by Louis Zoller (Editor)

2004 The Final Solution by Phil Mulloy (Technical Director)

2004 Gottschalks Benimm-Show & Bibel-Test (Technical Director)

2005 Die Toten Hosen - Walkampf (Technical Director)

2006 No Room for Gerold by Daniel Nocke (Technical Director)

2006 The Runt by Andreas Hykade (Technical Director)

2007 Der Kampf um die Waldmeisterschaft (Technical Director)

since 2007 The Bunjies by Ged Haney & Andreas Hykade (Technical Director)

2008 Best Buddies (Technical Director)

2004: Birth von Lou

since 2005: lectureship in Flash at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design

2007: Birth von Levi

since 2007: lectureship in compositing at SAE Institute (Stuttgart + Frankfurt)