What do other people say about us?

“Episodes from the series have also been released as short films. Zebra and Octopus won the Audience Award at the New York Children’s Film Festival for two consecutive years, and the former also took home the Best Film for Young Children at the Chicago Children’s Film Festival. Penguin has also been selected for this year’s Berlinale Generation competition and next month, the New York Children’s Film Festival will showcase 10 Animanimals films.”
(Kidscreen, January 2018)

“The concept of this video succinctly captures the heartbreaking reality of addiction. It explains the initial lure, the tunnel vision that follows, and the practically inevitable conclusion. It also puts into perspective the plight of the addicted person, inviting viewers to feel empathy for them instead of contempt. It’s difficult to watch this video and not want to call any person in your life who’s exhibited warning signs recently–which makes “Nuggets” the rare animated short that could potentially save lives.”
(Fast Company, November 2014)

„Hallo Tom ,wenn du das liest, dann glaub mir, dass ich dich LIEBE!!!!!! (Aba sag niemanden, dass das meine große Schwester geschrieben hat und nicht ich selber, ich hab ihr nur gesagt,was sie schreiben soll =] ) Also hab dich Super Doll Lieb - deine Bella“
(Bella im, Oktober 2012)

„Studio Film Bilder is one of the most nimble and innovative animation houses in the world. They blend traditional and cutting edge technologies to produce some of the world’s best-loved short animated works. Enjoy this program of eight award-winning, groundbreaking and entertaining shorts!“
(Canadian Film Center, Juni 2012)

„Toms kleinen Freunden wird es am Ende gehen wie ihrem Helden: Sie werden wunschlos glücklich sein.“
(Stuttgarter Zeitung, April 2011)

„My mind is officially blown by this animated short, Love & Theft, by Andreas Hykade. It´s a strange psychedelic love letter to cartoons.“
(John Martz,, August 2010)

"Sowohl die grafische Anmutung, die Animation der Figuren, als auch das Sounddesign in Toms Welt sind so reduziert wie charmant, dass sie (...) nicht nur die Allerkleinsten in ihren Bann ziehen."
(Grimme Institut, June 2009)

"The Bunjies, and the big splash they made in their animation debut seems certain to continues as creators Ged Haney and Andreas Hykade of Germany‘s Studio FILM BILDER develop the musical cartoon into a series."
(Animation World Magazin, July 2008)

"Höchst pädagogisch wertvoll ist Tom - in erster Linie aber witzig."
(Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 2007)

"Andreas Hykade aus Stuttgart ist der Star des Strichmännle Festivals in der City. Jetzt zeigt sogar das berühmte New Yorker Moma-Museum seine Werke."
(Tina Gaedt, BILD Zeitung, April 2007)

"Wie der Serien-Animationsfilm in dieser Figuren-Konstellation über die Geschichte, die Bildgestaltung, die Animation und das Wort eine künstlerische Einheit herstellt, ist bemerkenswert und wird in Filmen für die Zielgruppe Vorschulkind selten auf so hohem Niveau erreicht. Nicht nur dass auf profane Anbiederung - etwa durch Kinder-Tümmelei, Zeigefinger oder Niedlichkeit - verzichtet wird, auch die künstlerischen Ausdrucksmittel sind auf Einfachheit und Wesentlichkeit reduziert."
(Jury of the film evaluation Wiesbaden, April 2007)

"His vivid, hand-drawn motion graphics are guided by a probing intelligence and a daring sensibility that make him Germany's most important and controversial contemporary animation filmmaker."
(John Canemaker about Andreas Hykade, BAF-Catalogue, November 2006)

"Das Stuttgarter Filmstudio „Film Bilder“ ist mit dem Trickfilmpreis des Wiesbadener Kulturamts ausgezeichnet worden. Damit würdigt die Stadt die hohe Qualität, mit der „Film Bilder“ seine Arbeiten realisiert. (...) „Film Bilder“ ist der erste deutsche Preisträger."
(Frankfurter Rundschau, October 2006)

"It's like a Fassbinder play on acid. Everything suggests that this is a real scene - the perfectly-simulated handheld camera, the grainy picture, the motion-blurred whip pans and smash zooms, the claustrophobic location sound, the naturalistic lighting and eerily tactile texture of the worn-out kitchen table - everything except that one thing , which is of course that these are animals who usually don't speak German."
(Taylor Jessen about "Kein Platz für Gerold", Animation World Magazine, May 2006)

"If any cartoon film company can be said to have done more for the positive international image of German cartoon film in the last decade, then that's Studio FILM BILDER of Stuttgart."
(Novum magazine, August 2005)

"Film Bilder dominates the airwaves again - the Stuttgart-based animation studio is now a regular on VIVA and MTV."
(Lift magazine, February 2000)

"Their films, masterpieces of the art of animation, include the Dresdner Bank umbrella sequence shown before every weather forecast on ZDF."
(w&v advertising industry magazine, April 2000)

"A later competition/Concorso Internazionale features Andreas Hykade's Ring of Fire, made in Germany (2000). This is a stupendous movie, in wide screen, black and white, full of cowboy bad behaviour, sexual imagery, big music, eye popping combinations of drawn and computer animation, more sexual imagery and an overall effect of grand scale animation production."
(Marv Newland, Animation World Magazine / November 2000)

"Considering the competition, it is not surprising that Film Bilder have been so successful. Their clips are a welcome change from the usual humdrum fare on the music channels, which almost inevitably show popstars grinning cooly at the camera."
(Der Spiegel magazine, April 2000)

"This is the créme de la créme of animation."
(S-Trip supplement, October 1999)

"Tic Tac Toe were kneaded into shape at Film Bilder, which was founded ten years ago. Here, too, the animated sequences in "Lola rennt", now heading for the Oscars, first saw the light of day."
(Hohenloher Wochenpost newspaper, November 1998)

"Eight years ago, studio chief Thomas Meyer-Hermann began to write - or should we say draw - a unique success story."
(Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper, 1997)

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