What is the FILM BILDER approach?

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Animation is a remarkably diverse medium with a huge amount to offer. It combines elements of almost all art forms: painting, sculpture, literature, music, graphics, typography, photography, design, object art. Only animation can fully exploit the possibilities offered by film - because only animation gives the director complete control over every single frame. This lets you exploit the most subtle of nuances, express the most sophisticated of ideas. In fact, animation is so versatile, and so powerful, that the only limit is your imagination. It is the ideal means of visual communication. Animation can speak volumes in just a few seconds, be it as a stunning firework display of ideas or a starkly minimalist portrayal of abstract concepts. In fact, when it comes to animation, short is often sweet - for instance, in TV commercials, title sequences, trailers, games or music videos.

Animation has a great deal to offer. But it also demands a great deal. Which is why Film Bilder employs a flexible yet effective organizational framework that makes the most of what animation has to offer. Because creativity thrives on the right mix of structure and space.

Film Bilder combines independent artistic work with commissioned projects. This two-engined approach accelerates progress in both areas. After all, inspiration and professionalism are both vital ingredients in the search for new and surprising images.

Film Bilder unites individual artistic expression with productivity and efficiency. Every project reflects the personal style of the author, director and/or producer. The work is carried out by a team of professionals with highly specialized skills, to ensure that a high-quality animated film is delivered on time and to the client's specifications.

Film Bilder blends time-honored skills with state-of-the-art techniques and technology. Traditionally produced animations, whether drawn or modeled, have a charm that no software can match. But digital production and post-production offer a range of new possibilities that bring out the very best in classic animation. So - what can we offer you in concrete terms? Click on Offer and find out!