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TOM und das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig


German Deathmatch


Kein Platz für Gerold


Kein Platz für Gerold

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We create animated films using practically all techniques, for practically all imaginable purposes. Our work includes cell animation, model animation and computer animation in a huge spectrum of styles. We also work in more unusual media - because almost anything can be animated: photos, tools, fabrics, sand, vegetables - even real people. Animation, no matter what the technique, is the ideal way of conveying ideas arrestingly and entertainingly. Be it for a TV commercial or a music video, a title sequence for a feature film, an animated logo, a computer game, a flash movie for a Website or a multimedia presentation for a trade show - animation has the answer. We pride ourselves on our ability to carry out all stages of development and production under our own roof: concept development, design, storyboards, direction, animation, cutting/editing and post-production.

Naturally, you want to know what all this will cost. Rightly so. But animation offers such a range of possibilities that it is impossible for us to give you a list of set prices. Instead, we prefer to make an individual offer for each project. The quotation is generally free of charge - and we keep to it. The most important cost factor is the amount of work involved in the animation. That means choosing between the opulent and expensive or the effective but economical. Or, of course, anything between those two extremes. At our very first meeting, we would seek to establish exactly what type of animation, and what budget, we are looking at.

Animation is not a book with seven seals. You are welcome to look over our shoulders - and influence what we are doing - at any stage. In fact, it is vital that you are directly involved in all the most important aspects of animation - the concept, the storyboard, the animatics and the line tests. At the storyboard stage, the plot is presented in a comic-book-like format. At the animatic stage, the storyboard is replaced with stills shot to time on video, so that we can work out the running time. A rudimentary soundtrack is often added at this stage. In the design phase, we decide on the look and colors of the characters and the background. Finally, the line tests comprise the complete animation on video before computer post-production begins. Each of these stages is presented in a clear and uncomplicated way, so that you always know exactly what is going on.

Although we specialize in end-to-end production, from the initial concept to the final film, we are also happy to work on specific aspects of an animation project. Our particular strengths include illustration and character design - many of today's best-loved stars of cartoon films and TV commercials began life as sketches in our studio.

Want to know more about us? Take a look round the Website - click on Works to see samples of what we get up to. Click on Demo to order one of our show reels. Or call Bianca Just on +49 711 481027.