Gigi D'Agostino:
Music video for Zyx Music

An unknown popstar and an unknown cartoon character. But both became famous with two music videos that were permanent fixtures on MTV and VIVA for months - "Bla Bla Bla" and "The Riddle" by Gigi D'Agostino. All it took was two animated clips from Film Bilder - and line drawings were suddenly hip.

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Okay this YouTube video is much enhanced than last one, this one has pleasant picture feature as well as audio. baeaegbeaaeddakd

Damals schon ein Klassiker und auch heute immer noch eine absoluter Geniestreich. Das Video hatte was, eben das gewisse etwas, nämlich ein namenloses Strichmännchen was es für mich bis heute zu einem der absoluten Kult-Musikvideos macht.

I absolutely love this video! I find it very amusing, and I've ended up watching it at least 5 times in a row just because the animation is so cool! Do you know if there is perhaps any way I may get this for my ipod or itunes?
Thank you very much, and amazing work! :)

Awesome. I love this video, it's the greatest short film of my life. I like the way you draw, it's simply wonderful. Make other films like that, be sure that i will watch them all.

make more it will please your fans

is there a way to get this video for personal use?

Ich finde das Video cool,
aber trotzdem würde ich noch andere sachen hinzufügen.(:

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Story, direction: Andreas Hykade,
Ged Haney
Animation: Andreas Hykade, Ged Haney, Anita Ortega
Post production: Tobias Pfeiffer,
Oliver Merkle
Production: Media Mutant and Studio FILM BILDER, 2000


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