Animated Feature, 80 min

Once upon a time there were three fierce robbers. In the dark of the night they walked the roads hidden under large black capes and tall black hats. The first had a blunderbuss. The second had a pepper-blower. The third a huge red axe. They terrified everyone; plundered everyplace they went! One bitter, black night the three robbers stopped a carriage that had but one passenger. The little orphan Tiffany was on her way to live with a wicked aunt. She was delighted to meet the robbers instead. Since there was no treasure to steal, the robbers bundled the girl in a warm cape and carried her away to their hideout.

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Direction: Hayo Freitag
Script: Achim + Bettine von Borries
Actors: Katharina Thalbach, Joachim Król, Bela B. Felsenheimer, Charly Hübner and many more
Production design: Hayo Freitag
Character design: Michaela Wagner
Background design: Anne Hofmann, Robert Brandt
Layout supervisor: Wouter Dierx, Sven Höffer
Layout production: Studio FILM BILDER
Layouters: Andreas Heinrich, Petra Herberger, Alexandra Prosen, Oliver Skora
Songs: Bananafishbones
Funding: MFG, FFA, MBB, Hamburg funding Line
Producer: Nicola Wulf
Production managers: Sinem Sakaoglu, Carmen berhofer
Executive producers: Stephan Schesch, Stefan Arndt
Produktion: Animation X, 2005-2007


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