Pilot for animated Feature, 3 min

Jorgen Claus, the Santa, gives up his wealth, his fame, his vast business empire and goes in search of his stolen son. It is a journey that literally takes him to hell and back.

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I really enjoyed the trailer and would like to know if there will be a release date for the completed movie? (assuming there will be a movie as this is posted as a trailer?)
Best wishes

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Script, direction: Phil Mulloy
Storyboard: Sasa Zivcovic
Character design: Phil Mulloy, Florian Grolig
Background design: Phil Mulloy, Tobias Bilgeri
Animation: Tobias Bilgeri, Florian Grolig
Technical Director: Tobias Pfeiffer
Co-production: Cinecite, Belgium and Illuminated Films, England
Production: Studio FILM BILDER, 2008


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