Interactive film for children

TOM's first play film. Again and again TOM has to take decisions in order to get his slice of bread with strawberry jam & honey – and you can help him!

TOM wants a delicious slice of bread with strawberry jam & honey. And because TOM is active, and doesn't wait until a slice of bread with strawberry jam & honey flies into his mouth, he stumbles each time into a new adventure. He rides on the Miller's Pig, he outwits the grabby Strawberry Mouse, he takes courses from the Poor Little Girl, how to win a card game. At the end TOM has only half a slice of bread with strawberry jam & honey, but it tastes as if it was a whole one.

The funny TOM films are a successful TV series already. With the interactive film, the kids can decide, how the story proceeds. They step in the key scenes and direct TOM's adventures by touching his thought bubbles. The handling is easy even for little children, but the effect is as surprising, that even the parent have fun.

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Script, direction: Andreas Hykade
Voice: Dirk Bach
Animation: Ralf Bohde, Ged Haney, Lorraine Lordan, Anna Kalus, Hendrik Niefeld, Dirk Olschewski, Derek Roczen
Vector design: Ralf Bohde
Colour design: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Technical Director: Tobias Pfeiffer
Music: Daniel Requardt, Florian Käppler
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 2001


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