Pilot for series for children
6 minutes, 35 mm

The Flederschwein is a creature the world has never seen before. Half pig, half bat, a superhero, but one who is just like you and me. He loves wallowing in the mud, generally hanging out and munching raspberries. But don't let that fool you - whenever animals are in danger, he knows just what to do. Full batspeed ahead! A series of films is planned. The pilot "Das Flederschwein in der Unterwelt" (The batpig in the underworld) was a co-production with WDR, and has been broadcast a number of times on the popular children's show "Die Sendung mit der Maus".

Comments for this film:

Das war wirklich ein schöner film. Die Geschichte ist sehr originell.


Das ist gar kein Flederschwein! Nur ein Schwein mit Cape!
Ging das "Fliegende Capeschwein" jemals in Serie?

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Idea, script, direction: Sabine Huber
Direction of animation: Andreas Hykade
Animation: Varga Studios
Sound: Ulrich Reuter
Sponsored by: MFG Baden-Württemberg and BMI
Coproduction: Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 1997


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