Thirteen new animal stories for a children series, SWR
Cartoon, 2D computer animation, 3D computer animation

„I know an animal“ is a TV-series on animals for pre-school children. Every episode presents an animal that children already have good knowledge of. In this show children can assure themselves about their knowledge and extend it. But „I know an animal“ does not only deal with the creature – but also with the image children have of it. The entire show is presented by children. They create a guessing game, including funny animations. They discover interesting facts about animals by taking the animals place. They reproduce animal’s shapes by creating wall paintings. And for the emotional approach to the animal there is an animated short film featuring the animal as a protagonist in a warmhearted story at the end.

The directors of the animal stories are graduates of the Fim Academy Baden-Württemberg. This episode directed by Elena Walf is a little bat, that wakes up at night at a farm. Oh, how great would it be to bark with a dog or to crow with a cock...and to jump and to dance! The little bat wants somebody to keep its company. It doesn't want to be alone. It is looking for a friend.

Other animal stories are combined to mini series, like Patchwork Pals, Animanimals and Cuddly Gang. The whole series "I know an Animal" is branded by an animated title sequence, a title song, as well as animated bumpers starring the animal of the episode.

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Script, direction, design:
Patxi Aguirre, Verena Fels, Gottfried Mentor, Julia Ocker, Kariem Saleh, Johannes Schiehsl, Angela Steffen, Elena Walf,

Sound, music:
Christian Heck, Nicolai Krepart, Martin Lickleder, Andreas Mühlschlegel

Technical director: Ralf Bohde
Artistic director: Andreas Hykade
Editor, SWR: Benjamin Manns

Production management: Bianca Just
Co Production: SWR
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER, 2015


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