Mini-series, 7 x 30 seconds

Karl Anton wants to shine - as an immortal megastar in rock'n'roll heaven. He has all a popstar needs: good looks. And he knows how to move, how to hold the guitar and how to deal with the girls. He knows what it's all about. It's everybody else who is the problem. When the pop legend meets the real world, things really get hair-raising. How will Karl Anton cope with the ignorance of his audience and the obstacles of everyday life? Answers are given in these groovy and electrifying thirty-second performances.

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Einzigartiger und frischer Stil.

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Direction: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Script: Udo Schöbel,
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Titlefigure © Udo Schöbel
Key animation: Andreas Hykade
Animation: Ralf Bohde, Jürgen Haas, Andreas Hykade, Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Sound: Udo Schöbel, Ralf Schübel
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 1999


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