Pilot for children series, 3 min
3D computer animation

The Bunjies are the biggest, greatest, loudest Rock and Roll group in the World. They are also not yet out of junior school. Royalty, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Totalitarian Dictators, they all want to be photographed alongside The Bunjies. The Bunjies, however, aren't interested in any of that. They just want to rock. Well, actually, they just want to rock and then smash their instruments in front of a hundred thousand screaming fans... after they've finished their homework, of course.

Comments for this film:

ich brauch gar keine Serie, ich guck den Pilotfilm einfach als Dauerschleife

great-love it

When comes what new^^

Ich mag Rocket's Stimme auch sehr, finde die Anfangsszene absolut klasse. Witz durch Monotonie. Ich steh drauf.

so süß,ich mag ihre Stimme und die Musik sehr und die Gestaltung und ....... :D

This is so hilarious. I love the "Have you done your homework?" line - how that takes me back! Excellent! Would love to see more of this and so would my son!

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Creation, script, design, direction: Ged Haney, Andreas Hykade
Modeling, animation: Martin Schmidt
Animation: Jan Lachauer
Rigging, lighting: Volker Willmann
Compositing: Tobias Pfeiffer
Song: Ged Haney
Sound: Floridan Tonstudio
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 2007


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