Shorts collection for small children
by Julia Ocker

The ANIMANIMALS are animals with little quirks. Each one of them is facing an absurd adventure that can only happen to him. The zebra has got it's stripes all mixed up. The kraken wants to bake a cake but one of it's arms has other plans. And the crocodile is trying to eat a pretzel stick but it can't put it in it's mouth. - And while finding the solution each animal learns a little lesson about life.

Comments for this film:

Ein Film der einfach "funktioniert". Immer wieder. Einfach toll.

Wunderbare Story, wunderbare Animation, wunderbares Ende. Immer wieder gut!

So nice ! very good idea !

Mich hat dieses video irgendwie echt berührt und es freut mich sehr, dass es ein happy end gibt!

ich lebe in argentinien, ich mag diese video

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Script, direction: Julia Ocker
Animation: Julia Ocker, Jacky De Groen, Ferdinand Engländer
Technical direction: Ralph Bohde
Sound: Christian Heck
Production management: Bianca Just
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER, 2015

World sales: Meta Media


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