The Corridor

17 minutes, 35mm
Drawn animation

A young couple find themselves in great financial difficulties. The man finds a job in a boutique where the owner seems very strange.

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Your video is great! So is the concept with song! Thank you Michael ! LOVE

Kann jemand mir erklären, was passiert ist am Ende? Dauerte die blau Dinge ihn weg?

Gibt es eine moralische? Wenn ja, was ist es?

Is there a moral? If so what is it?

Can anyone explain to me what happened at the very end? Did the blue things take him away?

ever since I saw this film at the french embassy here in kolkata (india), I've been looking for it. seeing it now after 3 years, I think, and it's still just as amazing. great work! this is an inspiration.

Sieht sehr interessant aus, ungewöhnlicher Zeichenstil, aber hübsch. Wie eine Kinderbuchillustration

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Script: Alain Gagnol
Direction: Alain Gagnol,
Jean-Loup Felicioli
Graphics: Jean-Loup Felicioli
Animation: Alain Gagnol, Sylvie Leonard,
Anita Ortega, Jochen Ehmann
Sound: Loic Burkhardt, Tom Weber, Sono3
Funding: CNC, MFG Baden-Württemberg
Production: Jacques-Remy Girerd,
Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Folimage, Arte, Studio FILM BILDER 2005


Festival prizes
and other honors


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