2,5 minutes, 35mm

The film tells the story of a tree that during the course of the year receives a rather radical pruning of its foliage. In the course of this simple story we go through the four seasons of the year; The transfer from season to season is accentuated by the music, as well as by the change of colors from silent grays of the winter to vivid green in the summer. The comic effect in the film is achieved by the contrast between the lazy and sleepy character of the tree and the active and jumpy character of the barber.

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Haha, der Frisuer ist wirklich sehr ambitioniert!

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Script, Direction, Design, Animation:
Gil Alkabetz, Sweet Home Studio
Postproduction: Nurit Israeli
Music and Sound: Michael Dempsey
Film Fund: MFG Baden-Württemberg
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER, 2001


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