TV-Spot for Best Buddies e.V.

Best Buddies is a non profit-making organization, supporting and en- couraging friendships between mentally handicapped and able- bodied persons. This TV spot - drawn in a simple, slightly naive style - illustrates the relationship of two boys and the fun that they experience through playing together. Only at the end of the spot is a negligible detail noticeable - one of the boys is mentally handicapped.

Comments for this film:

Gut das die menschen im trickfilm gleich dargestellt sind .
Behinderte sind auch normale menschen !

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Art Director: Philipp Kafkoulas
Designer, Director: Anita Ortega
Animation: Anita Ortega, Angela Steffen, Katja Rau
Agency: Kempertrautmann
Production: Neue Sentimental
Studio FILM BILDER, 2008


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