Title sequence for Docu Soap, ZDF
Digital cut out animation

It's summer again, and the campers are coming. Their motor homes bounce merrily over the hills, the campers jump out and erect their tents, each on in his own unique style. - The docusoap from the German channel ZDF shows the colourful life of the camp-site, and the ident' sets it up with a twinkle in the eye.

Comments for this film:

Mode wohin das Auge reicht. Diesen Beitrag zu lesen, hat echt Laune gemacht! Ich lass nochmal nen Gruss da.

wunderschöner look!

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Regie: Ralf Bohde
Design: Anita Ortega, Ralf Bohde
Animation: Anita Ortega, Ralf Bohde
Animationsassistance: Isabelle Zahorka
Creative Direction: Christian Kohl
Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 2007


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