Creation & Animation: Titles & Trailers

ich-kenne-ein-tier-trailer Ich kenne ein Tier
Title sequence for a
kids magazine, SWR
ortheils-monologe Ortheils Monologe
Title sequence for a
web magazine about literature
HAFF Trailer HAFF Trailer
Promotion for the
Holland Animation Film Festival
camper Camper & Co
Title sequence for
Docu Soap, ZDF
robocup Robocup
Title sequence for
Championship of Robots
gottschalksgrossebenimmshow Die grosse Benimm-Show
Title sequence for ZDF show
with Thomas Gottschalk
kinoblick Kinoblick
Festival Trailer for
Russian film festival
jayderloewe Jay the Lion
Trailer and jingles
for RTL Kids
boneymkultnacht Boney M.
Trailer for
Cult Night, ZDF
dreitageleben 3 Tage Leben
title sequence for
politics show, ZDF
lolarennt Run Lola Run
title and animated sequences
for the Feature film
wonneproppen Wonneproppen
title sequence for the
Mini-Playbackshow, RTL
racheistsuess Revenge is sweet
title sequence for the
kinderolympiade Kinderolympiade
Image-Trailer for
bibeltest Der große Bibeltest
Title sequence for ZDF show
with Thomas Gottschalk
nachgetreten Nachgetreten
Title for comedy show
about the Football Euro 04
timeprogrammtrenner Time
Bumper for
Termite Terasse, Arte