Making Of


S T A G E S   O F   P R O D U C T I O N


Follow the production process from stage to stage!

The first stage is the design stage where all the individual characters are designed and an overall 'look' for the piece is decided upon. Next, the animators set to work to create the 'raw' animation, i.e. all the basic elements of the movement. These pencil drawings are made by the key animator, the animators and the inbetweeners. During the next stage all the missing details are added: patterns, facial expressions, background details etc. Once the animated scene is completed and approved, the art-workers (using, in this case, black felt pens to obtain the final look) trace all the drawings onto separate sheets of paper. All the stages up to here have been purely manual, but from here on in the computer gets involved. The art-worked drawings are scanned into the computer and composited before, finally, being coloured. Voila! The finished video can now be transferred to tape and delivered to the broadcasters.